Digital Commerce: One of many, or your own brand?

Digital Commerce: One of many, or your own brand?

Without brands the world would be full of white shop fronts and colourless media.  Brands are important and help to differentiate products and services.

Within the hospitality industry there has been a recent uptake of digital commerce systems (app and web) that allow venues to become an option within a category.  For example, my Thai food restaurant can be listed, along with all of my competitors, and consumers can order my products (or from my competitors).  However, surely a brand is just as important to a small single location venue as it is for a larger organisation with hundreds of locations.  Isn’t building relationships with customers and creating value applicable across all businesses?

Being a small part of a much wider system does not facilitate brand building activities.

With this in mind Altaine developed its QJMP QSR solution,  All sizes of venues can leverage the tools and offerings that have traditionally only been the domain of larger organisations.   QJMP QSR allows each venue to create their own commerce website and apps with their own branding as well as engaging in digital marketing and communication activities.

For larger venues, Altaine’s QJMP Enterprise, provides a seamless digital commerce solution optimised for organisations like Nando’s, wagamama, SUBWAY® and Pizza Hut.

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