Our Technology


The QJMP (Queue Jump) Commerce server is a very smart piece of kit indeed. Not only does it give you a smart, secure and comprehensive mobile and web-based forum to interact with your customers; it also lets you do so in different languages and in different countries, depending on where you’re based.

QJMP gives you amazing commerce (mobile and web), marketing and loyalty functions.  It also provides backend services to ensure that your digital commerce and loyalty platform, for mobile and browser, works efficiently.

QJMP – The technical elegance

QJMP can be seamlessly integrated with your systems with little or no changes to your operation or infrastructure.

  • Performance caching to support the unique requirements of mobile phone solutions ( image, menu, data caching)
  • Version control, abstracting back end systems from the mobile App clients
  • Multi-handset support (iPhone, Blackberry, Java, Android, Windows)
  • Integration of mobile payment via existing payments solutions or via customised solutions
  • Plug-in deployments of payment processing from PayPal, WorldPay and Barclaycard are available
  • Integration of mobile marketing – voucher and coupon delivery
  • Support for multiple messaging technologies
  • Integrated customer loyalty and management functions via connections to third party applications
  • Entertainment modules
  • On-going reporting and management
  • Version control
  • Delivery of enhanced rich media solutions, including streaming video and audio, regardless of mobile platform


Up until now, solutions enabling you to take advantage of the mobile channel have been piecemeal, for example, mobile sweepstakes and coupon solutions. However, our aim is to generate maximum returns with a wider and comprehensive mobile engagement solution. Hence, QJMP, the only integrated marketing solution suite on the market.

Our mobile marketing solutions provide:

  • Superior response rates
  • Low marketing campaign cost
  • A direct correlation between spend and campaign benefits

QJMP – The benefits to your business are myriad

icon1Build your customer base by being one step ahead

This is an area savvy consumers are now starting to enjoy, talk about and look out for. Offer this innovative customer service and you will attract new customers and enhance your brand

icon2Build yourself an in-depth knowledge of them

How often your customers  visit, their buying preferences and how much they spend are all tracked for analysis


icon3Buy your business loyalty

Oh yes! You can buy loyalty – with Altaine – by harnessing your personal knowledge of your customers and devising promotions and loyalty programmes particular to them

icon4Influence behaviour and increase spend

Even while your customers are at their table, you can influence what they buy by making personalised offers in real time

icon5Create customers who order more and stay longer

QJMP has proven time and time again its ability to make customers so happy, they buy more and linger longer


Rest assured, security is at the heart of everything we do. For instance, our data centres all feature N+1 redundant UPS power and air conditioning, with the ability to run indefinitely on generator power. Our internet access is provided via multiple physically separate fibre feeds for all traffic.

In technical terms, our servers:

  • are virtual machines abstracted from software hypervisors in High Availability hardware clusters
  • are scaled as necessary to maintain appropriate free resources
  • are hardened and maintained to meet best practices for hosted services