wagamama go, “the Uber for diners”

wagamama go, “the Uber for diners”

wagamama go, “the Uber for diners”

wagamama has launched a mobile payment app which it describes as “the Uber for diners”.

This innovative app delivers a high quality user experience, utilises payment technology from MasterCard and integrates with wagamama’s POS software from Oracle.  All of this is made possible by Altaine’s Q JMP digital commerce engine and the Q JMP family of apps.

Altaine CEO Warren Tobin, said: “successfully deploying these types of systems can be like trying to conduct an orchestra where each of the sections have different sheet music.  Altaine’s Q JMP  middle-ware and twelves years of mobile commerce expertise takes away the pain of integration and allows for a great customer experience to be delivered.  Without Q JMP wagamama go would not be possible”.

wagamama customer director Emma Woods said: “Customers are accustomed to one-click payments for online retailers and walk-out payments from Uber, but there hasn’t been an app offering all of these functions for restaurants, which is what we have now created.”

The restaurant claims the app will save people an average 12 minutes every meal through not having to ask for a bill, waiting for it to turn up and then waiting to pay.

wagamama go in action

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